Preschool Ocean Science

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Sea Habitat
Submitted by Susan
Put things that exist in a sea habitat (sand, small shells, smooth stones, seaweed, etc) in a small box for your children to look at.
Sea Water
Submitted by Ginger
Show your children seawater by brining in ocean water or adding salt to lake water.
difference in Water Types
Submitted by Janet
Have two bowls of water. One saltwater and one fresh let your children taste and smell the different waters. Then let them float different items in the different waters. (Items that will not float in regular water will float in salt water) Finally, put two small amount in the freezer and check on them every couple of hours (the salt water will freeze slower)
Marine Animal
Submitted by Liz
Place several different pictures of marine animals in an area. Talk to your children about the animals habitat, what they eat, etc.
How Long is a Whale
Submitted by Barb
Ask your kids how long they think the largest creature in the world is. Then get a long rope (about 100 feet) and have them unwind it. They will be amazed at how long a blue whale is. Next ask them how many of their lengths it would take to make a blue whale (You can actually do this if you have the time)
Why they Live where they live
Submitted by Andi
Talk to your children how some animals live near the top of the ocean where the water is warmer (fish, etc) while others live lower where it is cooler (whales, etc) Then show them that hot water rises by filling a clear container with cold water. Next add blue hot water (dye with blue food coloring) The hot blue water will rise to the top of the pitcher
Oil and Water
Submitted by Felicia
Talk to your children about the travesties when oil was spilt into the ocean. Then show them how oil floats on water by pouring water into a pan and then pouring oil on top of it.
Magnified Shells and Sand
Submitted by Lori
Place several shells and sand along with a magnifying glass in an area of your classroom. Your children will love getting to see the patterns and makeup of these items.
Salt and Freshwater Animals
Submitted by Ginger
Make a salt water solution and dye it with food coloring. Fill the jar half full of salt solution and then slowly pour plain tap water on top of the solution. The salt water will stay at the bottom of the solution because it is heavier. Release a couple of small brine shrimp (check a pet store) and a goldfish into the solution. The shrimp will go to the seawater bottom while the goldfish will stay at the top (freshwater).
Dry Seaweed
Submitted by Tandy
Put seaweed (purchase from the grocery store) in your water table. This makes the area smell like the sea. The seaweed also feels like the real thing.
Waves in a Bottle
Submitted by Paula
Fill a plastic soda bottle half way with blue died water. Next fill the remainder of the bottle with oil Now your children can make waves by tilting the bottle.
Submitted by Kelli
Put an Aquarium in your room full of fish. Children love to watch the fish swim around. Hint: Don't use ocean animals, as they are much harder to take care of.
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