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Egg Break
Submitted by Barb
After reading "Humpty Dumpty" give your children raw eggs. Let them drop the eggs on different substances (a pillow, the table, cardboard, etc). Ask them what surface would have made Humpty not crack. For added effect you can graph the results of the children's egg drop (the height and surface that they dropped it on).
What happened to Jack's Candle?
Submitted by Lori
Light a small candle and show your children the parts of the candle (wick, wax, flame). Next discuss with them how a candle burns. Then place a clear jar over the candle and let your children watch as the candle burns up all of the oxygen and then goes out
Magic Beans
Submitted by Lisa
After reading Jack and the Beanstalk plant your own magic beans (sugar peas and beans) the children will enjoy watching them grow.
Stardust Jars
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Mix oil, water, food coloring, and glitter in a clear plastic bottle. Make sure to seal the bottle tightly. The contents will mix and float in the bottle. Your children will love it.
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