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Jack's Candle
Submitted by Betty
After reading "Jack Be Nimble", Have your children roll up a piece of paper or use a paper towel tube. Then have them add paper for a flame. You can let your children decorate their candlestick. Finally, your children can pretend to be Jack and jump over their candlestick.
Role Play
Submitted by Lisa
A great game to play with your children is to role play their favorite Nursery rhymes. Here are just a few examples:
  • Jack Be Nimble: (child's name) be nimble (child's name) be quick, (child's name) jump over the (item in classroom)
  • Little Miss Muffet: Have a child pretend to be eating their curds and whey, when along comes a spider (another child) and frightens them away
  • Bo Peep's Sheep: Hide toy sheep around the room and let your children search for the lost sheep
Where did Miss Muffet Go
Submitted by Janet
Ask your children where they thought little miss muffet went when she ran away. Invite them to illustrate their destinations.
Jack Be Nimble Candle Jump
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Have your children take turns jumping over a candlestick.
Humpty Dumpty Egg Relay
Submitted by Hollie
Give each child a plastic or hard-boiled egg. Have them try to walk to a designated spot while balancing the egg on a spoon.
Illustrate a Nursery Rhyme
Submitted by Carla
Have your children illustrate their favorite nursery rhyme. Or if they want they can create their own.
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