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Chalk Dance
Submitted by Pam
Take your children outside. Play music and challenge them to use sidewalk chalk and draw the music. Another alternative is to give them the chalk and tell them to hold it on the sidewalk as they dance.
Dancing Streamers
Submitted by Florence
Cut out the center of yogurt containers. Attach ribbon, yarn, or any other object as streamers. Your children will love to dance with these streamers.
Musical Chairs
Submitted by Janet
Play Musical Chairs with your children
Xylophone Music
Submitted by Candy
Make a Xylophone by taking glass tumblers, glasses, or small jars and filling them with different levels of water (ranging from full to empty)from empty to full. Let your children make music by tapping on the glasses with a spoon (wooden or medal). You may also be able to borrow a real xylophone from a local music store or a parent.
Musical Hula-Hoops
Submitted by Jackie
Play just like musical chairs only have children dance around several hula-hoops as you play music for them. When the music stops everyone must run and get into a hula-hoop. The catch is that no one looses because more than one kid can get into one hula-hoop
Freeze Dance
Submitted by Julie
Have your children dance to music. When you yell "FREEZE" they have to stop and hold the position they are in.
Music Listening
Submitted by Anne
Let your children see how many different kinds of music there are. Play it for them and let them act our the part (for country wear cowboy hats, for 80's bog poofy hair, etc.)
Skate to the Music
Submitted by Lori
Give each child two paper plates. Have them stand on the plates. Turn on some classical music and have your children pretend to be ice skaters as they skate to the music
Scarf Dancing
Submitted by Barbara
Provide your children with different color scarves and let them dance to different types of music with them.
Freeze Dance
Submitted by Florence
Play music and have your children dance to it. When the music stops your children have to freeze in the position that they were in when it stopped. Your children will love this.
Draw the Music
Submitted by Jackie
Play your children some upbeat intense music and then challenge them to draw the music.
Bubble wrap Dance
Submitted by Jenni
Let your children walk and dance bare foot on bubble wrap. They will love the feeling.
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