Preschool Multicultural Science

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We Are All The Same
Submitted by Joyce
Explain to your children that even though people appear to be different on the outside they are all the same on the inside. To illustrate this bring several different varieties of apples, and then cut them open.
Ethnic Foods
Submitted by LaVerne
Explain to your children how people from different countries eat different foods. Then bring foods that are eaten by other countries to class
Native American Artifacts
Submitted by Rachel
Find Several Native American Artifacts (or make your own) and let your children look at and feel these artifacts as you read to them about the culture
Island Volcano
Submitted by Shelly
Explain to your children how many of the island countries (such as Japan) were formed by volcanoes then make a volcano. By forming clay around a baby food jar. Then put baking soda in the jar and pour red colored vinegar in it

You can also make lava (like play dough) for your children to play with by mixing one-part water with two-parts cornstarch and then adding food coloring.

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