Preschool Multicultural Activities

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Submitted by Janice
Make passports for all of your children. You can then pretend to travel to different places throughout the world with your children
Travel Agency
Submitted by Lisa
Set the home living area up as a travel agency. Include tickets, travel brochures, posters of different travel destinations, and amps. The children can plan and book their vacations here.
Letter To A Friend
Submitted by Carla
Get your parents to provide addressed and stamped envelope to a friend or family member preferably one that lives out of the country or state. Let your children write or draw a letter to them.
Food from Around the World
Submitted by Betty
For snack cook different foods from different areas of the country or world.
We Are All The Same
Submitted by Mitchel
Explain to your children that even though people appear to be different on the outside they are all the same on the inside. To illustrate this bring several different varieties of apples, and then cut them open.
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