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Mitten Song
Submitted by Pamela
Thumb in the thumb place (Give Thumbs up with both hands)
Fingers all together (hold fingers together like in mittens with thumbs out).
These are the things we wear in mitten weather (move mittens back and forth).
When it's cold, it doesn't matter whether, (shrug shoulders)
Mittens are wool or made of finest leather. (rub hands like of
Thumb in the thumb place, fingers all together
Mittens on My Hands
(Sung To: 'Wheels on the Bus')
Submitted by Fran
The mittens on my hands
Keep me warm
Keep me warm
Keep me warm
The mittens on my hands
Keep me warm
All Winter long!
Mittens for Snow Time
Submitted by Linda
Mittens, mittens for the snow time, when the world is white.
Mittens for my two hands, (hold up hands)
Mittens left and right (show left & right)
Mittens with a thumb place (show thumb)
Mittens warm and snug
Mittens make me feel like a bug inside a rug (hug self)
Cloudy Day
Submitted by Lori
The day is cloudy and the wind is bold. Dress up warmly, you mustn't get cold!
Put on your coat and zip it up tight, put on your left boot, put on your right.
Put on your scarf and put on your hat, put on your mittens and clap-clap-clap!
Go outside and play and play. Come in again, and then we'll say-
Take off your coat that was zipped up tight,
take off your left boot, take off your right.
Take off your scarf, take off your hat,
take off your mittens, and then take a nap!

Note: Act out which body part each object goes to while you sing
Snowey Pokey
Submitted by Betty
You put your right mitten in, You take your right mitten out,
You put your right mitten in and you shake it all about.
You do the Snowey pokey and you turn yourself around.
That's what it's all about.
Note continue with additional verses:
You put your left mitten in
You put your scarf in
You put your right boot in
You put your left boot in
You put your hat in
You put your snowself in
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