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Cookie Wrapper
Submitted by Barbra
Have Your parents bring in the wrappers from several different kinds of cookies. Then make a cookie collage bulletin board to go along with the book "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" You can use a heading like'If You Give A Class A Cookie'
Class "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" Book
Sub by Jenni
Give each child a page with the words: 'If you give a mouse_____, He will ______.' Then have them pick the words and illustrate it. Put this together with a mouse cover and put it in your reading area.
Mouse Paint
Submitted by Maggy
Have your children step into paint and then walk across paper, just like the book "Mouse Paint"
Hickory Dickory Clock
Submitted by Lisa
Put a clock with movable hands in a play area and let your children act out the poen "Hickory Dickory Dock"
Mouse Snack
Submitted by Tina
Have your children use a heart cookie cutter to cut a piece of bread. Have them then spread jam on the bread and fold it in half (this makes a mouse shape) Then add a chocolate chip eye and a licorice tail, This is an incredibly cute snack!
Mickey Mouse Snack
Submitted by China
Give your children two vanilla wafers. Have them break one in half. Have them spread frosting on the whole wafer and then add the halves as ears. Then they can add M&M's Eyes and Nose, and pretzel whiskers.
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