Preschool May Day Activities

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April Showers Bring May Flowers So try these Flowers Ideas:
Submitted by Charlotte
In the dramatic play area set up a greenhouse. Get fake flowers as well as garden tools, garden gloves, a watering can, and big hats. For an added effect get real dirt and put it in a Rubbermaid container
Planting Flowers
Submitted by Jill
Give your children fake (silk or plastic) flowers. Let them take these out onto the playground and pretend to pick and plant them.
Florist Visit
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Take your children to a local florist to learn about what they do
For May Day Fun Talk to Your Children About Butterflies:
Butterflies Types
Submitted by Paige
Using an air popper, make several batches of Butterflies. When the Butterflies has cooled off, have the children split the Butterflies up into several zip loc bags. Pour melted butter into each bag. Sprinkle a dry ingredient into the bags, close the top, and have your children shake it.
Some choices for dry ingredients are Cinnamon, sugar, dry ranch, dry cheese, garlic, etc. Have your children choose which one they like best and graph the results.


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