Preschool Magnets Science

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Dancing String
Submitted by Freta
Attach something metal to a string. Hang the string from a table or the ceiling. Let your children use a magnet to make the objects dance.
What Does a Magnet Stick To
Submitted by Beverly
Have your children decorate tongue depressors or Popsicle sticks. Put a piece of magnet tape on the stick. Next take your children on a walk around the school to see what the magnet sticks will stick to.
Magnetic Pans
Submitted by Margarette
Fill Cupcake pans with sand. Put different metal objects in the sand. Cover the top with something so that your children can not get to the sand. Finally, give your children magnetic wands to move the metal objects around with.
Iron Fillings in Sand
Submitted by Candy
Add iron fillings to your sand table. Let your children use a magnetic wand to run around the sand and watch the iron fillings attach to it.
Magnet Seperation
Iron food
Submitted by Charlette
Crush different kinds of cereal. Put them in separate Baggies. Cereals high in iron will actually cling to a magnet!
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