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Magnetic Bingo
Submitted by Tracy
Place several bingo cards in your dramatic play area. Get magnetic bingo chips have your children play with magic wands with the bingo chips. They can play bingo, sort chips by color, try to stack chips, etc.
Can Matching
Submitted by Nina
Cover a coffee can and put different shapes on it. Use magnets with corresponding shapes and have your children match the shape on the can with the shape on the magnets.
Moving Paint
Submitted by Lisa
Put tempera paint in a large Tupperware bowl (or a cheap one from the dollar store). Put two tables close together and put the bowl in the crack between the two, with part of the bowl on each table. Tape the bowl to the table to make sure it can not move. Finally, Have your children can move the paint by using magnets under and over the bowl
Magnetic Marbles
Submitted by Jen
Put shredded paper in your water table. Next add magnetic marbles dipped in paint. Finally, let your children move the marbles around the paper with magnets. It will make really neat designs.
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