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Giant Sea Shell
Submitted by Tawna
Get a large magnifying glass and let the children look at sea shells with it. They will be impressed with the make-up of sea shells
Submitted by Lori
Make a paper mache or clay volcano around a small cup. You can then make the Volcano erupt with vinegar and baking soda (add food coloring to make the lava look more real)
Tip: To make it look more real cover the volcano with small pebbles and dirt
Magnified Shells and Sand
Submitted by Lori
Place several shells and sand along with a magnifying glass in an area of your classroom. Your children will love getting to see the patterns and makeup of these items.
Dry Seaweed
Submitted by Tandy
Put seaweed (purchase from the grocery store) in your water table. This makes the area smell like the sea. The seaweed also feels like the real thing.
Waves in a Bottle
Submitted by Paula
Fill a plastic soda bottle half way with blue died water. Next fill the remainder of the bottle with oil Now your children can make waves by tilting the bottle.
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