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Beach Ball Volleyball
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Put up a net and let your children play volletyball with a beach ball. They can hit or throw it over the net and there is no score.
Hidden Treasure
Submitted by Francis
Get a small bucket or trough and fill it partially with water, fill this trough with seaweed or other sea vegetation. Hide small treasures on the bottom of the trough and let your children search for these items. Warning: This is very messy and fun!
Beach Towel Day
Submitted by Janet
Let the children bring in a beach blanket during beach week. They can take naps on them are sit on them during activity time.
Pin a Cocunut on The Palm Tree
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Make a cocunut tree and a cocunut. Attach the tree to the wall and put two sided tape on the cocunut have your children try to Pin the cocunut on the Palm Tree.
Beach Party
Submitted by Florence
Have your children wear their swimsuits one day and have a beach party complete with beach balls, volleyball (over a short net or no net at all), Frisbee's, etc.
Seashell Imprints
Submitted by Betty
Give each of your children some play-dough and let them explore making imprints with different ocean items (seashells, starfish, sea horse shapes, etc)
Sea Shell Sort and Match
Submitted by Lori

Cut a variety of seashell shapes, colors, and sizes from paper. Your children can do various things with these:

  • Sort them by color
  • Sort them by shape
  • Sequence them from smallest to largest
  • Match them by shape
  • Match them by color
  • Match them by size
  • Hide them around the room and search for them
Seafood Limbo
Submitted by Mellisa
Have your children play limbo by acting like different sea animals. (i.e.: wiggle like a fish, walk like a crab, slide like an eel, etc.)
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