Preschool Jungle Games

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Catch the Snake by the Tail
Submitted by Lisa
Have your children form a long line holding each other by the waist. Have the person in the front of the line try to catch the one in the back without breaking the line.
Jungle Obstacle Course
Submitted by Tamarah
Use branches for the children to climb over and under. Let them climb across the monkey bars, while making monkey sounds, and climb a vine (a hanging rope)
Jungle Safari
Submitted by Jen
Have your children draw different jungle animals. Then have them use binoculars (two toilet paper tubes) to go on a jungle safari. For an added effect have them make jungle vest (see art) and wear on their safari
Safari Maps
Submitted by Lisa
Create safari maps from grocery bags. Put random dots all over the paper. Have your children connect the dots and get to their jungle location.
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