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Milk Carton Barn
Submitted by Caroline
What You Need:
  • Milk Carton
  • Paint
  • Paper or cardboard
What You Do:
  • Cut the milk carton to make doors. Then give the children the milk cartons and let them paint them as a barn. You might want them to do this on paper or cardboard as it can get messy. You can then let the children paint the animals that would go in their barn on a separate sheet of paper.
During horse week let your children paint with horseshoes.
Stick Horse
Submitted by Barbra
What You Need:
  • Wrapping Paper Tubes
  • Cardboard
  • Paint/Markers/Crayons
  • Yarn
What You Do:
  • Ask your parents to donate some Christmas Paper Rolls (if you can not get enough use rolled up newspaper instead). Cut out horse's heads (leave a neck to go inside the tube) from cardboard and let your children design their horse. They can paint them and use yarn for the mane and halter. Help your children attach them with glue and tape. No go out Ridin'!
Cut horse shapes out of sponges and let your children paint with them.
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