Preschool Hibernation Activities

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Bear Snacks
Submitted by Brooke
Using bear shaped cookie cutters make Jell-O, sandwich, toast, or cookie snacks for the kids.
Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Submitted by Kelli
Make puppets to go along with brown bear brown bear
Gummy Bear Sort
Submitted by June
Give each kid a few gummy bears and then let them sort them by color before they eat them
Hibernation Party
Submitted by Kennedy
Let the children hibernate one day. They can come to class in their pajamas (tell them to bring their teddy bears). You can make dens out of pillows and blankets. For snack serve food shaped like bears (pancakes, Jell-O, sandwiches, toast, or cookies).
Bring Your Teddy Bear to Class Day
Submitted by Julie
Have a day where children bring their teddy bears to class. You can then rank then have the kids rank them by height, weight, fluffiness, firmness, cutest, cuddliest, fastest, funniest, most lovable, etc.
Teddy Bear Hunt
Submitted by Tina
Hide Teddy Bears (either students or classes) all over the classroom and let the children try to find them.
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