Preschool Community Helpers Science

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Blue Prints
Submitted by Rebecca
Provide your children with blueprints and explain to them what the lines and symbols mean.
Changing Heart Beat
Submitted by Linda
Have your children listen to each others hear beat and count the number of beats in a fifteen to thirty second interval. Then have them do jumping jacks, or run in place for a minute. Now have them listen again. If you have older children you can even graph the results.
Bad Food's Effect on Teeth
Submitted by July
Take several pieces of an eggshell. Soak one piece overnight in the following liquids: orange juice, soda, milk, and water. The water and milk will have little effect, while the soda will cause brown spots to appear on the eggs. This is a great segue to talking about cavities and relate to the need for dentist and dental visits.
How the Mail Works
Submitted by Carla
Talk to your children about how the mail works. Tell them that it is all just a big matching game. The sorters match the city/zip code to the proper location. Then the mailman sorts them and matches (delivers) them to the proper address.
Scales for Mail
Submitted by Julia
Bring in scales and let your children weigh mail (and boxes you provide) just like they do in the post office. They can then add correct postage (how much they feel it should have) For added fun have them deliver the packages to different areas of the classroom