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Put the Flames Out
Submitted by Carrie
Get red and yellow sidewalk chalk. Draw flames on a sidewalk and let you children put them out with water bottels.
In Room Post Office
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Paint a big box blue. Then cut it out so that it is 3-sided with a window. You can them make it a Post Office by puttin gup a sign. For additional touches include envelopes, stamps (stickers), a scale, a mail carrier uniform, pens (crayons), paper, and ink pads.
Plumbing Ideas
Submitted by Barbie
1. Give the children several plastic plumbing pipes to play and build with
2. Painting with small plungers
FireFighter Ideas
Submitted by Leslie
1. Make a FireTruck out of a large box and an old water hose
2. Create a firman uniform (a yellow raincoat and plastic firman hat)
3. Make a Fire Truck Cake
4. Have the fire department visit (if you call they are usually more than willing)
4. Draw chalk flames on a sidewalk and let the children put them out (water bottle)
Pretend I am a Community Helper
Submitted by Peggy
Create large headless paper dolls dressed like different community helpers. The children can hold them up to themselves and pretend they are a firefighter, postman, etc.
Stuffed Animal Hospital
Submitted by Debby
To let you children pretend to be doctors or vets set up a stuffed animal clinic in your classroom. They can pretend to give surgery or comfort the animals.
Construction Visitor
Submitted by Jenni
Invite a construction worker to come and talk to your children about their job. Have them bring their tools.
Gingerbread House
Submitted by Debby
Make a gingerbread house with your class!
Construction Trip
Submitted by Pam
If you have a place that is under construction ask if there is any safe place you can take your class so they can watch the construction.
Construction Zone
Submitted by Bonnie
Make your dramatic play area a construction zone. Put up caution tape and signs saying construction area. Add extra blocks and construction vehicles so your children can pretend to be construction workers. Add hard hats to the area to complete the effect.
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