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Matching Game
Submitted by Nita
Find object or pictures that correspond with different community helpers (mailbox, dentist chair, firetruck, etc.). Additionally find pictures of community helpers in uniform. Let your children match which object goes with what helper.
Dentist Approval
Submitted by Judy
Cut out two large teeth, as well as several examples of good and bad food. Let the children sort the food as to which one's the dentist would approve of.
Submitted by Linda
Cut out several shapes (triangles, squares, etc.). Cut enough so each child will have at least one of every shape. Next from a bag or shoebox. Make Mailboxes that have the same shapes on them. Let the children deliver the mail to the correct boxes.
Mailbox Match
Submitted by Julie
Cut out several mailbox shapes. Put a number, letter, or symbol on the flag of the mailboxes. Next get several envelopes (or cutouts) and put a corresponding number, letter, or symbol on the mail. Have your children match the mail with the corresponding mailbox. Note: To make this last longer attach the mailboxes to a manila folder and laminate them.
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