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In education, teachers are those who teach students or pupils, often a course of study or a practical skill. There are many different ways to teach and help students learn. When deciding what teaching method to use, a teacher will need to consider students' background knowledge, environment, and their learning goals. See education for more.

A teacher who registers a student, or who is positioned to help the student in particular subject, is called a "tutor." A teacher or trainer from whom a student learns a great deal may be called a "mentor."

An educationalist is an educational theorist, writer or researcher.

In traditional China, the model teacher, Confucius, is greatly revered. A Chinese term for teacher is shifu.

University Teachers

Teachers in college are called instructors or lecturers. In the United States, the term "professor" is usually applied to college or university teachers that have received tenure; although, there are rankings from Associate Professor through Full Professor that may be defined differently at various institutions.

Senior Teachers

Teachers who look after the whole school are called head teachers or school principals. The equivalent in colleges and universities is called the dean. Teachers of this status rarely teach students. A teacher in a grammar or public school in Britain may also be a Head of House. Houses were also used in secondary and comprehensive schools.

Emergency Teachers

A teacher may be replaced by another teacher if they are absent due to an illness or planned absence. In the United States, replacement teachers are known as substitute teachers; in Australia and New Zealand, they are known as emergency or relieving teachers. Temporary, substitute teachers in universities are usually in forms of multiple guest lecturers.

Registration and Qualification

Teachers are usually educated in universities or colleges, and must be certified by a government body to teach in public (U.S.) schools. One such institute is a normal school. In the United Kingdom, teachers in state schools must have Qualified Teacher Status. They get this through having completed a first degree program (such as a BA, BSc or BEd) After they have completed a first degree they can then complete a PGCE or train to be a teacher through on-the-job training at a school.

Fire Fighters

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