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The Healthy Restaurant
Submitted by Charlotte
In your dramatic play area set up a restaurant complete with menus, plastic food, and play money. They can pretend to be waiters and waitresses. Remind your children to order healthy food.
Healthy Snack
Submitted by Betty
Bring In delicious fruit and veggies to show your children that eating healthy can be delicious
Glitter Germs
Submitted by Miranda
After explaining to your children what germs are, tell them that you are going to pretend that glitter is germs. Put glitter on your hand and shake a child's hand. Show the children how that child now has your germs. Let that child shake another child's hand. Continue until all children have glitter on their hands. Then one at a time have your children wash their hands and show them how the germs (glitter) have disappeared
Submitted by Crystal
Make a hospital in your dramatic play area. You can buy everything you need (facemasks, bandages, gowns, shoe covers, etc.) from a medical supply store.
Dental Training
Submitted by Donna
Contact a local Dentist or Dental School and ask them to do a training session with your students
Bike Day
Submitted by Gene
Have your children bring their bikes. You can ride them around and even make streamers to hang from the handle bars and helmets.
Good and Bad Snacks
Submitted by Lori
Give each of your children a couple of Oreo cookies. Have them eat them and let them look in the mirror at their teeth. Then discuss with them how plaque builds up on your teeth. Next give your children some fruit and have them look at their teeth again. Now tell your children how some foods are good for your teeth and how others are not
Class Cookbook
Submitted by Tina
Ask your parents to send a healthy recipe from their grandparents as well as a picture (if no picture is available have the child draw one). Compile the recipes and give a cookbook to the parents.
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