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Eating Healthy
Submitted by Lisa
Make two faces one happy and one sad on the bottom of a paper sack. Cut the mouth of the face out. Bring several cut outs of different kinds of food. Have the children sort, which ones are healthy (happy face) and which ones are bad for you (sad face)
Explore an X-Ray
Submitted by Carla
Obtain x-rays and let your children discover the human body through them.
Food Pyramid
Submitted by Jen
Make a food pyramid. Cut out pictures of the different kinds of food. Let your children sort the pictures into the correct groups.
My Heartbeat
Submitted by Bet
Obtain cheap stethoscopes or make your own (tissue rolls). Let your children listen to each other heartbeats. Then have them exercise for a few minutes and listen to each other heartbeats again. See if they can tell a difference.
Glitter Germs
Submitted by Tina
After explaining to your children what germs are, tell them that you are going to pretend that glitter is germs. Put glitter on your hand and shake a child's hand. Show the children how that child now has your germs. Let that child shake another child's hand. Continue until all children have glitter on their hands. Then one at a time have your children wash their hands and show them how the germs (glitter) have disappeared
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