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Caps for Sale
Submitted by Iris
Read the story "Caps For Sale" with your children. Then let your children act out the story with different hats that you provide (let one child act out a part of the story while the rest pretend to be the monkeys and they all throw their cap down when the main actor trows his cap on the floor all of the other children do the same and then they pick them up as a class)
Film Canister Hats
Submitted by Connie
You can make really cute mini hats out of film canisters. Simply cut a donut shape out of paper (circle without a center) Make the center so that it fits the canister's rim. You can also allow your children to add designs with paint, sequins, tissue paper, pompoms, etc
Custom Fit Hat
Submitted by Beverly
Place three pieces of newspaper around a child's head (explain to them that this will be dark and sound funny.) Wrap masking tape above the child's ears three times, gently roll the newspaper up tightly (forming the brim of the hat) Finally, you can let the children decorate their hats with different art supplies (paint, buttons, macaronie, feathers, collage materials, etc) Once the hat has dried your children will have a fitted hat.
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