Preschool GroundHogs Day Activities

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Huff and Puff on Groundhog Day
Submitted by Summer
Read the book Huff and Puff on Groundhog Day by Jean Warren and sing the songs with your children
The Groundhog Dramatic Play
Submitted by Tina
Have your children trace a groundhog pattern on paper and then a craft stick to make a groundhog puppet. Give children a piece of blue construction paper and a pre-made hill of green construction paper. Also give them yellow paper to make a sun out of. Have them glue only the sides of the hill to the paper. They can then act out the groundhog peeking over the hill. To see if he sees his shadow. You can use this poem to say while acting it out:

The groundhog poked his head up
And peeking all around
Saw his little shadow lying on the ground
The groundhog knew that winter
Would last for six weeks more
And so he pulled himself back down
Inside his little door.

Groundhog Snack
Submitted by Charlene
Give your children a nice healthy groundhog snack They eat green vegetation so try lettuce, carrots, etc.
Groundhog in The Mud
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Make One box of instant pudding and sprinkle chocolate graham crackers on it (crush till fine like dirt) Put a groundhog on a Popsicle stick and place in the center of the bowl of pudding.
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