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Box Hole
Submitted by Lori
Let your children pretend to be groundhogs popping out of their hole by providing them with boxes that they can pop out of.
Groundhog Tunnel
Submitted by April
Have your children line up in a row with their legs spread apart. Your children can then take turns crawling under their legs pretending to be a groundhog in a tunnel.
Let you children experience shadows by playing shadow games:
  • Step on a Shadow
    Submitted by Ginger
    Have your children run around and try to step on each other's shadows.
  • Shadow Tag
    Submitted by Carmen
    Play just like regular tag except the students must tag each other's shadows.
Guess Whose Shadow
Submitted by Betty
Hang a sheet up in the middle of your room. Turn out all the lights. Remove several children and have one of them stand in front of a flashlight, or overhead projector. Have the other children guess whose shadow is on the sheet.
Shadow Tracing
Submitted by Tina
Let your children trace each others shadow's with sidewalk chalk.
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