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Grocery Store Cards
Submitted by Teddy
Cut out pictures of different foods from ads or coupons and paste them on a Index card. Make them look like playing cards by writing the name (and/or food group) on the top and bottom of the picture. You can use these cards in many, many different ways. Some ideas are:
  • Go Fish (Using Food Groups)
  • Concentration
  • Sorting
  • Making Picture Grocery List
Grocery Sort
Submitted by Babsie
Set up grocery store shelves (you can use existing bookshelves, boxes, etc) in your classroom (Use real or play food). Let your children sort the cans, fruits, vegetables, etc, however they want. Ideas: By color, food group, size, texture, etc.
Number Hunt
Submitted by Betty
Cut the grocery store ads you get in the paper in half. Give each of your children one. Call out different numbers and let your children circle them on their paper
Grocery List
Submitted on the Comment Box
My class of visually impaired preschoolers goes to the grocery store every year. Each child has a grocery list-- a 3x5 card with a food item in print, braille, and a picture.
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