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Fish Tank Garden
Submitted by Rebecca
Show your children how things grow by planting seeds in a fish tank. Simply put rocks on the bottom of the tank (for drainage), add potting soil (from a local hardware store), and let your children plant seeds in the soil.
Clear Garden
Submitted by Tina
Let your children see how plants sprout and then form root systems. Wet paper towels and put them in clear plastic cups. Finally sprinkle radish seed on the paper towel until the seeds are clearly visible. Set the cups in the sun and keep the towels moist, you will have growth in no time
Flowers Food
Submitted by Judy
Put a white carnation in a cup of colored water (darker color the better) and let your kids see how flowers drink water (the flower will take get its color changed as it takes in the water)
Outdoor Garden
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
If you have the facilities make a real garden for your children in a small swimming pool (punch holes for drainage) They will love to work it just like it's a real garden.
Growing Grass
Submitted by Jackie
Dampen a sponge and then put grass seed on the top of it. Next pour water over the sponge let your children watch as the grass grows over the next few weeks.
Carrot on a String
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Core out the top of a carrot and put a hole in order to hang the carrot from a string. Hang it somewhere where it can get sun. Have children put water in the cored out top. In a few days your kids will love the results.
Grow Your Name
Submitted by Kelli
Get small boxes, line them with plastic, and fill them with potting soil. Have your children scratch out their name in the soil. Have them sprinkle grass seeds into the name Gently cover it with soil and soon you will have their name growing in a garden
Worm Home
Submitted by Carla
Put gravel at the bottom of a large clear container. Next fill the container with a mixture of potting soil and dry leaves. Finally get a few large earthworms (from outside or a bait store) and put them in your container. Let the earthworms settle into their new home for about a week. Finally, after talking about how earthworms come to the top of the soil when it rains pour water into the container and let your children watch as the earthworms come to the top.
Baggie Garden
Submitted by Valerie
Wet a paper towel, and drop it along with six white beans into a Ziploc bag. Seal the baggie (leaving air in the bag) and put it in your window. Your children will love watching the beans grow.
Head of Grass
Submitted by Cindy
Take knee high hose, sprinkle grass seed in the toes then add potting soil to make about a baseball size. Knot to bottom and trim off the access hose. Place knotted side in a foam cup. Children can decorate this with a face with wiggle eyes, etc. Encourage children to keep it watered. Children will watch their head grow hair.
Worms Gardening
Submitted by Cindy
In sensory table add potting soil and gummy worms with small shovels and hoes.
"The Tiny Seed" Plant
Submitted by Tonya
To go along with the book "The Tiny Seed" plant sunflowers. Plant the seeds in tiny plastic cups with soil (or plastic bags with moist towels) as the seed grows you can show your children how the roots form in the soil and the plant grows above the soil.
Additionally you can graph how many children think their seed will grow and how many will not. Graph their prediction and their results.
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