Preschool Fruit Activities

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Sherbet Snack
Submitted by Lisa
Have different fruit flavored sherbets or sorbet for snack
Pumpkin Patch
Submitted by Lisa
Create a pumpkin patch in your dramatic play area. Have pumpkins, hay, wagons, etc. You can also create a store area where children can pretend to buy pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.
Pumpkin Snack
Submitted by Lori
Have cookies, vanilla wafers, english muffins, bunt cakes (two on top of each other), or rice crispy treats decorated as pumpkins. To decorate use frosting, cream cheese, or use food coloring when you make it. To add a face to the pumpkin you could use licorice for a mouth, raisins or M&M's for eyes, and gumdrops for a stem.
Fresh Fruit Snack
Submitted by Lisa
Cut up fresh fruit slices for your children to have as snack.