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Two Tiny Toads
Submitted by Bella
Two tiny toads jumping around (Hold up two fingers while turning around)
Two turtles crawling on the ground (Squat down while holding up two fingers)
They all tiptoed without making a sound. (Tiptoe & hold up two fingers on each hand)
And they turned their heads round and round (Pretend to turn head round and round)
Frog And I
Submitted by Bella
The frog and I, the frog and I can sing and hop (hop)
We both can dive, we both can swim (make swimming motion)
Although I can't compete with him (shrug)
We both have skin thats on to stay (pull up skin)
But mine is not green I'm glad to say
Five Frisky Frogs
Submitted by Tina
Five little frisky frogs, hopping on the shore (hold up five fingers)
One hopped into the pond -SPLASH!! (jump out)
So then there were just four, four little frisky frogs (hold up four fingers)
Climbing up a tree, one fell into the grass, BOOM! (pretend to fall)
So then there were just three, three little frisky frogs (hold up three fingers)
Bathing in the dew, one caught a sneezy cold A-CHOO (sneeze)
So then there were just two, two little frisky frogs (hold up two fingers)
Sleeping in the sun, One slept the day away, SNORE! (pretend to sleep)
So then there was just one, one little frisky frog (hold up one finger)
Sitting on a stone, let's call his four friends back, Yoo-hoo, Yoo-hoo
So he won't be alone.
Little Frog
Submitted by Tina
There was a little frog, that lived in a bag
Who climbed on a lilypad and jumped on a log.
It snapped at a mosquito, It snapped at a bee,
it snapped at a cricket, and it snapped at me!
It caught the mosquito, It caught the bee,
It caught the mosquito cricket, but it didn't catch me!
Down by the Banks
Submitted by Jane
Down by the banks of the hanky panky,
Where the bull frogs jump from bank to bank-y
With a hip-hop, flipity-flop,
Missed that bank-y and went ker-plop.
Listen to the Frog
Submitted by Julie
Listen to the frog,
Croaking on a log.
It sounds so clear
For us to hear
Ribet, ribet, ribet.
Jump went the frog,
Down from the log.
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