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What Makes Bread Rise
Submitted by Jamie
Show your children what makes bread rise by mixing one tablespoon sugar, into one cup warm water (warm not hot!). Then adding one package of yeast. Watch what happens after a few minutes,
Disappearing Water
Submitted by Lisa
Fill a measuring cup with water to a specific point. Then put pasta into the measuring cup. Let you children observe what happens and then talk about it with them
Submitted by Annete
Go to a specialty store and by popcorn still on the ear. Put this on your sensory table along with un-popped popcorn and popped popcorn. Let your children see the differences!
Air Popping Corn
Submitted by Tina
Put a large piece of paper on the floor. In the middle of the paper put an air popper (without the lid). Have you children stand back (it gets hot) and watch the popcorn fly out. After they see you can have it for snack.
Gingerbread Count
Submitted by Julie
Cove a piece of cardboard with aluminum foil (to make it look like a cookie sheet) and paste several gingerbread men on it. Write a different number on each gingerbread man. Let your children count out a corresponding number of gumdrops (or cheerios) and put on each one. This is a great fun math lesson
The Healthy Restaurant
Submitted by Wilma
In your dramatic play area set up a restaurant complete with menus, plastic food, and play money. They can pretend to be waiters and waitresses. Remind your children to order healthy food.
Spaghetti Differences
Submitted by Betty
Provide your children with cooked and uncooked spaghetti. Let them see the differences in texture, feel, shape, etc. Talk to them about what makes them different.
Bean Counter
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Give your children several dried beans. Have them count out certain number of beans, match them on the basis of color, size, etc.
Spaghetti Measurement
Submitted by India
Get spaghetti portion measuring sticks to show you children how much is suggested for one person, two people, etc.
Pizza Pie
Submitted by Betty
Graph your class as a pizza pie. Graph by height, hair color, eye color, etc.
George Washington Carver
Submitted byLisa
Talk to your children about all of the wonderful inventions that George Washington Carver made with the peanut. Then let your children shell peanuts and observe them the way George Washington Carver would have seen them.
Food Group Pyramid
Submitted oby Sharon J, Sparks, NV
Have the children make a pyramid shape from construction paper using brown for the base (breads, pasta, rice) Green for the next level (fruits and vegetables) Red for the next level (meat, eggs, fish) and purple for the top(fats, candy, etc). Then they can cut pictures from magazines and collage them onto the proper food group. You can talk about how more pictures fit on the bottom levels because they are healthier and how only a little bit of treat pictures fit on top because you shouldn't eat too much of it.
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