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The Flower Song
Submitted by Jennifer
The flower has some petals, the flower has some petals.
The petals call the birds and bees, the flower has some petals
The flower has some leaves, the flower has some leaves.
The leaves will catch the rain and sun, the flower has some leaves.
The flower has a stem, the flower has a stem.
The stem will make it stand up tall, the flower has a stem.
The flower has some roots, the flower has some roots.
The roots will carry food and drink, the flower has some roots.
Plant A Little Seed
Submitted by Julie
I plant a little seed in the cold, cold ground (Squat down pretend to plant)
Out comes the yellow sun, big and round (Put arms above head like sun)
Down come the raindrops soft and slowly (dancing fingers)
Up comes the flower grow, grow, grow (jump as flower emerges)
A Seedlings Song
Submitted by Florence
I am only now a seedling planted with hands so very young
I have but just one wish, to reach and touch the sun
My little leaves are fragile, my stem is very new
My roots can barely hold me up, but you can help me through.

I need only a few things, to keep me alive and well
Some water, love and sunshine, Then time will surely tell.
If my leaves look kind of droopy, something to drink will do the trick
And feed me a little fertilizer, to prevent me from getting sick.

This pot I live in now is a temporary hold;
I'll need to be replanted, as I will soon grow old.
The hardest thing to do my friend is to sit and watch and wait
For the wonderful surprise I'll bring, Please be patient and have faith

For your effort, love and support will all be over soon;
Visit me in a month or two and I'll reward you with a bloom.
But please don't cut me down I can surprise you once again,
Let me finish my flower and seed and next year, I'll be back my friend.

The Gardening Song
Submitted by Betty
First you take a shovel, a rake, and a hoe
Plant a little garden, Plant seeds in a row
Water them and weed them through all the summer heat
And then you'll have some flowers or vegetables to eat.
Planting Flowers
Submitted by Tina
Planting flowers, planting flowers
In the ground, in the ground,
Water them and they grow,
Water them and they grow,
All around, all around.
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