Preschool Flowers Science

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Flowers Food
Submitted by Judy
Put a white carnation in a cup of colored water (darker color the better) and let your kids see how flowers drink water (the flower will take get its color changed as it takes in the water)
Outdoor Garden
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
If you have the facilities make a real garden for your children in a small swimming pool (punch holes for drainage) They will love to work it just like it's a real flower garden.
Baggie Garden
Submitted by Valerie
Wet a paper towel, and drop it along with flower seeds into a Ziploc bag. Seal the baggie (leaving air in the bag) and put it in your window. Your children will love watching the flowers grow.
Clear Garden
Submitted by Tina
Let your children see how flowers grow sprouts and then form root systems. Wet paper towels and put them in clear plastic cups. Finally sprinkle the flower seeds on the paper towel until the seeds are clearly visible. Set the cups in the sun and keep the towels moist, you will have growth in no time
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