Preschool Five Senses Science

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Sight Ideas
Submitted on the Comment Boxl
Make binoculaars or telescopes out of toilet paper and paper towel rolls .

Make glasses out of pipe cleaners.

Have children spy/match same color materials on to matching construction paper

Smelly Art
Submitted on the Comment Boxl
Mix one part water to two parts jello and mix and have children paint with fruity smelling water colors. M.Avolio Massachusetts
Scratch and Sniff Watercolor Paintings
Submitted by Jenni
Mix Kool-Aid with water (about two tablespoons). Then let the children paint with the mixture. After the painting dry you have great scratch and sniff pictures. Warning: Kool-Aid can stain clothes, tables, and floors.
Supper Sensory Slime
Submitted by Andi
Let your children experience the sense of feel with slime! It is simple to make simply add glue with cornstarch and stir well. You may have to add a bit of one of the ingredient to get the right consistency (to sticky add more cornstarch) but the children will love it. To keep it from getting to sticky store it in the refrigerator.

Alternatively you can make less sticky slime with cornstarch and water (add more cornstarch if its too thin, more water if its too thick)

A Third Alternative is to make it with one cup of water with one cup of white glue and two tablespoons of liquid tempera paint
A Sensory Trays
Submitted by Tina
take an ice cube tray and fill it with object that have feel different (some example might be sandpaper, slime, net, fur, dough, felt, silk, cork, grass, bark, leaves, sponge) Let your children feel the different objects and talk about the differences with them.
Smelling Scents
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Put different scents (peppermint, garlic, strawberry, lemon, vanilla, etc) on several cotton balls and place then in separate plastic containers with tops. Have children guess what they are.
The Five Senses Volcano
Submitted by Lisa
Make a volcano and it will cover all of the senses. Simply build a volcano with either clay or paper-mâché. Remember to put a small cup at the top of the volcano. Add food coloring to the vinegar to make it red or orange. Put baking soda in the cup and slowly drop the vinegar as it erupts your children will be able to see the explosion, smell the vinegar, hear the reaction of the baking soda and vinegar, and if you wish touch and taste the mixture.
Which Plate is Which
Submitted by Annette
Bring two foods that look similar but taste very different (orange and lemon, sugar and salt, yogurt and sour cream, etc.) Put them in plates next to each other. Let your children use their 5 senses to try to determine which is which. Asked the children to describe how the substances smell, feel, look, sound (as you gently shake the plate) and finally taste.
Smell Sensory
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Use a small amount of various spices and let your childreen smell them. It is a great way for them to smell a lot of unique smells.
Where's Your Senses
Submitted by Jill
Trace your children on a large piece of paper. Have them either write, draw, or place stickers on the different places where their senses are (for instance draw a flour on your nose, a violin on your ear, etc.)
Coffee Ground in Dramatic Play Area
Submitted by Cindy
Put fresh coffee grounds in sensory table with scoopes and spoons - great for experiencing smell
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