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Texture Book
Submitted by Karen
Make a texture book with lots of different items for your children to touch and feel. You can include aluminum, denim, springs, feathers, carpet, grass, and much more. Have them describe the items.
Feely Bag
Submitted by Riley
In a sturdy freezer bag, balloon, latex glove put Syrup with a bit of food coloring and let your children play with it. Note: Super Glue or Tape the top of the bag in order to insure that it does not come open.
You can also put play dough, rice, beans, peas, marbles, cornstarch, sugar, water, sand, flour, or any other feely substance in the bag
Taste Test
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Bring in items that taste salty, sour, sweet, and bitter and let your children taste and discuss them.
Sensory Play
Submitted by Blair
Let you children play in any or all of the following items for great sensory play:
Flour, Jell-O, shaving cream, baby oil, confetti
Play dough
Submitted by Nickie
Cook a mixture of one-cup flour, one-cup water with coloring, ½ cup salt, two teaspoons cream of tarter, and one tablespoon cooking oil in a pan for three minutes stirring constantly. A ball will form of play dough. For a great addition to the play dough color it with Kool-Aid. This not only adds color to the play dough it also makes it smell great
Silly Putty
Submitted by Karen
Step 1: Mix one-tablespoon glue with one-tablespoon water.
Step 2: In a separate container mix ½ cup water and one-tablespoon borax
Step 3: Mix The solution created in step 1 with one tablespoon of the solution from Step 2 and presto you've got silly putty
Sensory Paint
Submitted by Jill
For a fun sensory experience paint with shaving cream or baby lotion
Play In Shredded Paper
Submitted by Karen
Ask businesses to donate paper that has been run through their shredders Your children will love to play with it
Our Daily Body Parts
Submitted by Karen
Every Day go over the various body parts with your children. One fun way to do it is to start with their head and work your way down. For added emphasis, use cute sayings For instance our eyes blink, our nose beeps, our ears hear, our tows wiggle, etc. Talk to them abouth the different senses that the body parts give them.
Sensory Pool
Submitted by Nicole
Fill a pool with items that have sensory items (Styrofoam, shredded paper, Easter Grass, Plastic Balls, etc.
Texture Walk
Submitted by Kelly
Gather several items and let your children walk on them
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