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Bubble Wrap Walk
Whenever you get something wrapped in bubble wrap don't throw it away. Save it and let your children walk across it barefoot. They will love the feel of the bubble wrap.
Smelly Jars
Put holes in small jars. Fill the jars with cotton balls and smelly substances (cinnamon, baby powder, garlic, vinegar, coffee, lemon, Kool-Aid, Hot cocoa, etc). Let the children guess what the smells are. Additionally you can ask them what the material is used for.
Sound Walk
Take a walk with the children around the school, outside, or anywhere with a variety of sounds. Bring either a tape recorder or a notepad and record the sounds that you hear. When you get back to the classroom have the children mimic the sounds that they heard.
Sound Tape
Make a tape of various sounds around your home, classroom, or anyplace with a lot of sounds. Play the tape for your children and let them try to identify the sounds.
What's In The Jar
Take plastic jars and cover them with something so that the children cannot see what is in them. Next Cut the toe off of a sock and stretch the top elastic part over the edges of the jar top so that the children can reach in the jar but cannot see what is in it. Have them guess what is in the jar by just feeling. Then let them look and see if they where right with their guess.
I Spy Sensory Edition
A take of the classic game. Start as usual. I spy something blue. Then as you continue on with clues add other senses (I spy something soft, I spy something sour, etc.)
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