Preschool Fishing Science

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Worm Aquarium
Submitted by Jenni
Go to your local fishing store and buy real live worms. You can then build a worm habitat in an aquarium in your classroom. Kids love to feel, touch, smell what fisherman use to catch fish. Caution: Watch kids closely as some will attempt to eat the worms.
Camping Scavenger Hunt
Submitted by Anne
Go on a walk and have the kids look for things that they might see while camping (rocks, leaves, stream, etc.) Let the kids collect the items and bring them back to class.
Submitted by Pat
Put an Aquarium in your room full of fish. Children love to watch the fish swim around. Hint: Don't use ocean animals as they are much harder to take care of
Catch A Fish
Submitted by Pat
Get minnows or other small fish from either a pet store or a bait shop. Put them in shallow water in an aquarium, bowl, or in a water play area. Let you children try to catch them. Caution them that if they do catch them to put them back in the water quickly. At the end of the day let the minnows go in the closest body of water.
The Healthy Restaurant
Submitted by Lisa
In your dramatic play area set up a restaurant complete with menus, plastic food, and play money. They can pretend to be waiters and waitresses. Remind your children to order healthy food.
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