Preschool Fire Safety Science

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Fire Pail
Submitted by Lisa
Arm & Hammer has a great promotion where you make a fire pail out of a coffee can and baking soda and Arm & Hammer will send you label for the cans.
Smoke Detectors
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Explain to your children how a fire detector works and how it could save their life. Show them the inside of one then have them make their own with paper plates, glue, and paint.
Fire Fighter Visit
Submitted by Pam
During Fire Safety Week get your local Fire Department to visit your class
Escape Route
Submitted by Trish
Have your children draw the route they would take to get out of their house if it caught fire. Challenge them to come up with several different routes.
911 Call
Submitted by Susan
Get several old phones (or draw one on paper) and have your children practice dialing 911 in an emergency.
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