Preschool Fire Safety Activities

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Class Fire Safety Book
Submitted by Shelly, Pre-School Head Start
A literacy project that the children enjoyed was when we made a class book about fire safety. The front cover is a picture of a fire truck with myself and my teacher assistant in the driver seats! The kids really got a kick out of it and it is one of the most read books in the library. Oh, the parents thought it was a hoot!
Fire Fighter Visit
Submitted by Lisa
During Fire Safety Week invite the local fire dept. to bring the fire trucks to your school
Fire Fighters Dramatic Play
Submitted by Carrie
Let your children pretend to be firefighters. You can use rope as the hose and an appliance box, table, or couch as the fire engine. For added effect provide coats and hats.
Fire Truck
Submitted by Barbara
Make a Fire Truck out of a large box and an old water hose
Put the Flames Out
Submitted by Jenni
Get red and yellow sidewalk chalk. Draw flames on a sidewalk and let you children put them out with water bottles.
Fire Station Visit
Submitted by Blair
Take your children to a visit to the fire station.
Fireman Uniform
Submitted by Carla
Create a fireman uniform by using a yellow raincoat and a plastic fireman hat
Fire Truck Cake
Submitted by Tina
Make a fire truck cake for snack one day
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