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Feelings Bingo
Play bingo with fillings. Put different feelings faces (happy, sad, excited, etc) on a bingo card and then play bingo with your class.
Emotions Sort
Cut out people showing many different emotions from magazines. Let your children sort them based on the emotions they percieve the cut out having
Feelings Puppets
Put different feelings faces on small paper plates. Attach Popsicle sticks to the plates and let your children use them as feelings puppets.
Emotion Cards
Create emotion cards (stick person face drawing on paper, small paper plates, or juice can bottoms) read different situations to your children and have them tell you what emotion card goes with what situation. Some Situations are:
*Lost Favorite Toy
*Won A game
*Have to do chores before playing with friends
*It's Christmas
Match the Emotions
Make two copies of ten different faces with emotions: happy, sad, worried, scared (huge mouth in a horse shoe shape), loving (kissing face), stressed (big eyes and a wormy line for a mouth), mad, silly, tired (drooping eyelids with open mouth), Surprised (big eyes, big open mouth). Cut these out and attach one copy of each face into a folder. Let your children try to match the emotions.
Ring Toss
Submitted by Lisa
Use a puppet stand or coat rack to make a ring toss. Tape different faces (happy, sad, animals, silly, etc) When the child rings a face they act out the face
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