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Gingerbread Barn
Submitted by Wendy
Instead of a gingerbread house make a gingerbread barn. You can even add grass and cows
Homemade Butter
Submitted by an Unknwon Friend
When talking about all of the great things that you get from farms. Make butter just like the farmers do with you class. It is real easy, just put whipping cream in a jar, then let your kids take turns shaking it soon the cream will turn into butter. To speed up the process you can add a marble to the jar. When done have the butter on bread for snack
Pig Nostril
Submitted by Hollie
Cut an egg carton bottoms (the part the eggs sit in) into its twelve sections (or use half of a toilet paper roll). Let the children paint it and put the nostrils on it. Next attach string to both sides (staple or punch holes and tie) and your children have cute pig noses.
Standing horses
Submitted by Tonya
Cut our horse shape minus the legs from paper or cardboard, Have your children attach clothespins to the horses to make their legs. These make great toys because the horses can stand up on their clothespins.
Gingerbread Barn
Submitted by Candy
Instead of a gingerbread house make a gingerbread barn. You can even add grass and animals.
The School Barn
Submitted by Charlotte
Make your dramatic play area into a barn
*Put hay on the floor (check to make sure no one is allergic)
*add a saddle
*Provide your children with stick horses
*Decorate with farm animals (horses, cows, etc)
*Make a pretend campfire in the middle (rolled up newspaper with yellow and orange crepe paper)
Pigs in a Blanket
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Have the classic pigs in a blanket for snack
Pig Slop
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Talk to your children about how farmers often mix different foods or leftovers, then give them a slop snack by mixing different yummy snacks (M&M's, pretzels, chips, etc)
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