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What Animal Made That Sound
Play various animal sounds from a tape and let your children identify what farm animals make that sound. For further reinforcement have them match the sound with a cutout or figurine of the animal.
Farm Animal Sort
Cut out a lot of different animals from magazines. Cut out some farm animals (sheep, cows, horses) and some none farm animals (bears, cats, penguins, etc.) then have the kids place the farm animals inside the barn for safety and keep the other outside
Match The Eggs
Get an egg carton and color the inside (where the eggs sit) various colors. Have the children match the colors with those of Easter eggs and sort the eggs
Legless Animal
Submitted by Jessie
Cut out the shape of a farm animal (minus the legs) on colored paper. Paint clothespins to match the color of the animal. Have your children put the "legs" (clothespins) on the correct colored animal
Submitted by Tonya
Let your children play horseshoes by making them. It is really quite simple (Cut horseshoe shapes from sturdy cardboard and then wrap aluminum foil around them). They can then play horseshoes indoor or outdoors.
Ridem Cowboy/Cowgirl
Submitted by Janice
If you can find an old saddle bring it in your classroom and let your children play with it.
Rocking horse Racing
Submitted by Julie
Have rocking horse races across through your hall
Ridin' Race
Submitted by Lisa
Have your children race across the playground on stick horses
Chicken Dance
Submitted by Bet
(To the tune: The Chicken Dance)
Play the music and have the children do the classic dance:
Make your hands like talking four times, flap arms like wings four times, wiggle bottom four times, clap Four times, do it again faster!!
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