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What I Like About My Family
Have each child bring in a picture of their family. Tape the photo on a piece of construction paper. Next ask the children what they like about their family and write it for them.
Class Cookbook
Ask your parents to send a recipe from their grandparents as well as a picture (if no picture is available have the child draw one). Compile the recipes and give a cookbook to the parents.
Family Day
Submitted By Cindy
Objectives: A family is a source of love and security for a young child. Children enjoy talking about their families, sharing stories and learning to be part of a family. There are all types of families: step-families, blended families, single parent families and foster families.

The children will:

  • Know that a family is the people who live with you
  • Learn there are all kinds of families
  • Identify people in their family

    Skills Developed: Art & Social skills

Materials: Crayons, Markers, & Paper

Directions: Plan a "Family Day" with your class.

Begin by discussing members of each child's family. You may even want students to draw a picture of his/her family for display on "Family Day."
Ask students to make an invitation to members of their family to come to a special "Family Day." The teacher and/or administrator will need to predetermine the day and time of the event. Some suggestions include a breakfast, lunch, picnic (with games), or evening picnic.
On the day of the event, children can help make decorations and snacks for the party. When family members arrive, encourage children to introduce their family members to others.

Extension: Play charades, give each student a chance to act out something they enjoy doing with his/her family. Other students can guess what the child is acting out.

Grandparents Tea
Submitted by Cindy
Encourage children to help make invitation to their grandparents for a grandparent tea. Ask around for for borrowed items such as lace tableclothes, teapots, etc. anything you can think of to make it special. The morning of: encourage children to help make cookie and help decorate (set tables,etc.)
Home Living Dramatic Play Area
Submitted by Cindy
You can add these items to your home living area. Make sure all bottles and boxes are empty and cleaned thoroughly.

plastic baby bottles, detergent bottles, dish soap bottles, hand soap bottles, cereal boxes, food boxes, aprons, hot pads, child safe utensils, potato masher, rolling pins, plastic cookie cutters, oven mittens, hand towels, wash cloths, shampoo bottles, baby soap bottles, cleaning spray bottles, dresses, clip on ties, scarves, shoes, bibs, baby spoons, etc.
Family Bowling
Submitted by Cindy
Get ten 2 liter bottles. Fill the bottles about 1/8 full with water or sand and seal the lid. Then, decorate the bottles like people, adding yarn for hair, and use permanent markers or wiggle eyes. Set the bottles up like they were bowling pins and encourage children to roll a ball to knock them over.
Fold the Clothes
Submitted by Cindy
You can show preschool children how to fold hand towels. Supply them with the hand towels in the dramatic play area.

Note: They have wooden ironing boards and irons that make a perfect addition to your dramatic area.
Baby Dramatic Play Area
Submitted by Cindy
Put warm water in your sensory table with a little baby wash. Provide terry cloths, sponges, dolls, small empty bottles of baby shampoo, baby oil, towel, diaper and clothing. Discuss caring for babies, encouraging them to be gentle and keeping the head above water.
Kitchen Dramatic Play Area
Submitted by Cindy
In the sensory table add warm water, small amount of dish soap, dishes and untensils form the kitchen area, sponges, dishclothes, dish towels.
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