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Make a Story
Submitted by an Unknown User
During cirlcle time sit in the middle of your class. Start a story "Once Upon A Time" and then let your children go around the circle and complete it.
Plant a Kiss On The Frog
Submitted by Holley
A delightful spin on "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" Make a large frog and put it on your wall. Next make several lips, blindfold your kids and have them try to plant a kiss on the frog.
Which One is Cinderella's Shoe?
Submitted by Lisa
Tell your children that your information has confirmed that Cinderella was actually wearing a different kind of shoe. Tell them that they are detectives and they must sort through the shoe bucket (bucket full of tennis shoes, ballet slippers, sneakers, roller blades, sandals, boots, etc) and find the one without match
Block Castle
Submitted by Carol
Put different pictures of real castles in the block area of your classroom. Encourage your children to build their own castles.
Pin the Fire on the Dragon
Submitted by Nancy
A fairy tail spin to pin the tail on the donkey. Cut out a dragon shape out of construction paper. Then make a fire shape and let your children play pin the fire on the dragon.
Shoe Hunt
Submitted by an Unknown User
Another take of the Cinderella Theme. Hide a "glass slipper" some where in your room and have your children hunt for it.
Find the Jewels
Submitted by Tarah
Hide fake jewels into sand. Let your children try to find them.
Jack Be Nimble Candle Jump
Submitted by an Unknown User
Have your children take turns jumping over a candle stick.
Humpty Dumpty Egg Relay
Submitted by Hollie
Give each child a plastic or hard boiled egg. Have them try to walk to a designated spot while balancing the egg on a spoon.
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