Preschool Elephant Science

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Elephant Food
Submitted by Julie
Find Several different Types of Food that Elephants eat (leaves, fruit, hay, peanuts, etc.)
How tall and heavy is an elephant
Submitted by Tarah
Measure the weight and heighth of each of your children Then tell them how much a baby elephant weighs, tell them it would take the whole class to weigh as much as a baby elephant
Elephant Counting
Submitted by Helen
Make a circus ring and several elephant cut outs. Put some of the elephant cut outs in the ring. Then ask your children "How many elephants are inside the circus ring?" Then remove some of the Elephants and ask your children "How many of the elephants stayed inside (or left) the ring?"
Zoo Habitat
Submitted by Larry
Supply children with 3 bowls filled with grass, hay and water. Give children many different types of zoo animals (pictures or plastic ones). Have them place each animal where they think they would most likely find them living in.
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