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Easter Egg Puzzle
Submitted by Hollie
Along with your class decorate a round piece of cardboard as an Easter Egg. Then cut the egg into puzzle pieces and let your children put it together.
Bunny Hat Match
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Cut out different colored bunnies and matching hats. Attach the bunnies to a manilla folder and let your children match the hats to the corresponding bunny.
Egg Match
Submitted by Bonnie
Make colored, numbered, lettered etc eggs and birds sitting on a nest with corresponding numbers, colors, letters. Have your children match them
Bunny Food
Submitted by Jane
Talk to your children about the different foods that bunnies eat and then have some for snack (Lettuce, Carrots, etc)
Match The Eggs
Submitted by Karlie
Get an egg carton and color the inside (where the eggs sit) various colors. Have the children match the colors with those of Easter eggs and sort the eggs
Bunny in the class
Submitted by Lori
If you or one of your children have a pet bunny bring it to your class and let all of your children pet and watch a real live bunny.
Make Your Own Bird Nest
Submitted by Florene
Provide you students with mud, sticks, grass, leaves, twigs, pine needles, and pebbles. Let you kids create their own bird nest.
How Many Eggs
Submitted by Frances
Get a picture of a bird and make a nest. Write a different number on each bird. Let the kids place the correct number of eggs (corresponding numbers) into the birds nest.
Egg Hunt
Submitted by Ginger
Have an easter egg hunt in your classroom
What is in the Egg
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Put different objects in plastic eggs and let your children shake the eggs and try to guess what is inside of the eggs.
Bunny Bunny Rabbit
Submitted by Rebecca
Play just like Duck, Duck, Goose. One child goes around the circle tapping a child and saying bunny, the child continues until they choose one child and say rabbit. The rabbit must then try to catch the child that was "it"
Submitted by Blair
Give your children Rabbit ears and let them pretend to be jackrabbits hopping around the classroom.
Rabbits in the Hole
Submitted by Barbara
Tell your children this story about the importance of listening to their teachers in an emergency such as a fire, storm or any other time. The Story goes like this:
  • In the forest there were little rabbits that went to a little rabbit school. One day the teacher rabbit told the little rabbits about woodcutters who came and cut down the forest trees. "When the trees fall down it is not safe for the little rabbits," she said, "so they need to hide under the surrounding rocks". If you ever hear someone yell the special words, "rabbits in the hole," hop as fast as you can into your hole under the rocks where it's safe. The little bunnies listened to their teacher rabbit and even practiced going into their holes under the rock. Then one day, the woodcutters came into the forest and started cutting down the trees. The teacher rabbit yelled out "rabbits in the hole" and all the little bunnies hopped into their holes under the rocks, where it was safe. They did such a fantastic job, that not a single little rabbit got hurt
Easter Bingo
Submitted by an Unknown User
Play bingo with egg shaped cards and use small Easter egg covers.
Easter Grand Prize Game
Submitted by Lisa
Set up several Eastern Baskets in row. Have your children take turns tossing plastic Easter Eggs into the buckets.
Pin the Tail on The Bunny
Submitted by Jenni
Give each child a tail (pompom with double sided tape on it) and blind fold them and have them put the tail on the bunny that you have made (you can spin the children but it is better not to do this for younger ones)
Spoon Balance
Submitted by Hollie
Give each child a plastic or hard boiled Easter Egg. Have them try to walk to a designated spot while balancing the egg on a spoon.
Egg Memory
Submitted by an Unknown User
Cut out two matching eggs out of different kinds of wall paper. Place the wallpaper eggs face down on a table. have your children play the classic game of memory with the Wallpaper eggs

Idea: go to a place that does framing and ask them if they will donate the ovals cut out from mats. Use these as eggs.

Bunny Hop Relay
Submitted by an Unknown User
Have a bunny hop relay race. Have your children hop like bunnies and pick up Easter Eggs. They then have to hop back and put the eggs in another basket. Then the next child goes.
Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny, Wheres Your Egg?
Sub by Pam
All the children are sitting in circle. One stands in the corner and counts to ten Easter Eggs. Meanwhile one of the children in the circle is given a paper egg to sit on. . All the children chant: "Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny, Wheres Your Egg? Somebody stole it from your home. Guess who?" Then the child has three guesses of which child it is. Then the cycle continues until everyone has had a turn
Pass the Easter Egg
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Play just like Hot Potato. Your children pass an egg around a circle while music is playing. When the music stops the child holding the egg get to go sit in the bunny patch (the center of the circle)
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