Preschool Earth Day Activities

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Recycling Field Trip
Submitted by Sally
Take your children on a field trip to a recycling plant. They will love seeing the big machines that handle the recycling material
Class Earth
Submitted by Carol
Cut a large Earth out. Outline the continents on the paper. Let your children as a class paint the earth. Encourage them to use green, brown, etc paint in the continents and blue for the water.
Recycling Visitor
Submitted by India
Have someone from the local recycling commission come to talk to your class about the importance of recycling.
Trail Mix
Submitted by Lori
Hide the parts of trail mix along your normal walk path. Tell your kids that your going hunting for food. When they find the ingredients take them all back to the classroom and have trail mix for snack time.
Recycling Egg Cartons
Submitted by Hollie
Use old egg cartons as paint holders for your children they work better than easels (colors don't run together)
Two Litter Holder
Submitted by Jenni
Two litter bottles make a great holder for bulletin board borders.
Donut Holes
Submitted by Taylor
Explain to your children that the hole cut from donuts used to go to waste unitl someone thought of selling them. Ask them if they now of anything that goes to waste that could be used. To drive home the point give them donut holes for snack.
Berry Basket Wands or Six Pack Soda Ring Wand
Submitted by Jen
Instead of normal bubble wand use berry baskets or six pack soda rings dipped into shallow bowls of bubble solution.
Earth Cookies
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Make Circular sugar cookies and then let your children frost them with blue and green frosting.
Sensory Vegetable Garden
Submitted by Paula
Get several different kinds of vegetables that look as natural as possible (leaves still in tack, corn in husk, etc) Put some potting soil in a bucket and let your children pretend that they are harvesting the vegetables.
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