Preschool Earth Day Games

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Recycling Games
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Set up different recycling bins in one area of your classroom. Have your children sort difernt clean trash that you have brought.
Sorting Cans
Submitted by Pam
Collect cans to recycle in your classroom. Let your children sort these by color, brand, etc. Note: make sure the cans are clean and be sure to tell your children not to stick their fingers in the top as they may get cut.
Lacing Milk Caps
Submitted by June
Have your children collect milk caps and other lids. Once you get a large number you can let them create designs by lacing these on old shoe strings. This is a great way to teach your children than items can be recycled into toys.
Soda Lid Patterns
Submitted by Tina
Glue soda lids to form patterns (different colors and shapes) on index cards. Have separate lids and let your children try to form the same patterns on their own cards.
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