Preschool Ducks Science

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One Talented Bird
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Talk to your children about how talented a Duck is. A duck can swim better than most animals while still being able to fly well.
Make Your Own Duck Nest
Submitted by Gayle
Provide you students with mud, sticks, grass, leaves, twigs, pine needles, and pebbles. Let you kids create their own bird nest. Later you can talk about why birds use these things in order to keep their eggs warm.
Duck Feathers
Submitted by Leslie
Collect Duck feathers (or other bird) from the local park or petting zoo. Show your children how the feathers repel water by putting them on the table and squirting a small amount of water on them
Hatch a Bird
Submitted by Karen
Use an incubator to hatch a baby chick (not a duck but hatched the same way). You can order an egg from several Internet sites or ask a local hatchery (most will be happy to help out a school)
Submitted by Andrea
Talk with your children about the stages of a ducks development (egg fertilization, growth in egg, hatching, duckling, duck). Copy stages onto poster board and back with felt. Encourage your children to place the stages in the correct order on the felt board.
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