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"Green Eggs and Ham" Snack
Submitted by Jan
Have green scramble eggs (use green food coloring) and ham for a snack.
"Fox In Sox" Day
Submitted by India
Have your children wear crazy sox on the day that you read "Fox in Sox"
"A Great Day for Up" Pajama Day
Submitted by Lillie
Have your children wear pajamas the day when you read "A Great Day for Up
"Daisy-head Maisy" Headband
Submitted by Patsy
Give eaach of your children a headband with a daisy in the back after reading the book: "Daisy-head Maisy"
"Bartholomew and the Oobleck" Oobleck
Submitted by Candy
Make Oobleck It is so fun to play with it bounces, stretches, and will pick up newsprint. Store in a plastic bag so it won't dry out. To make it use the following recipe:
What You Need:
What You Do:
Dr. Seuss Dress-Up
Submitted by Tonya
Provide your children with various clothing articles. Let them dress up like a character in their favorite Dr. Seuss Book character
"The Foot Book" Paper Wall
Submitted by Carla
Have your children step into different colored paint and then walk barefoot on a piece of butcher paper. Hang the paper on the wall and you have a foot wall.
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