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"Cat and The Hat" Balancing
Submitted by Bonnie
In the "Cat and The Hat" the cat does a lot of balancing. Have your children try to balance different items that you set out.
Marvin K Mooney Will You Please Go Now
Submitted by an Unknown User
Line all of your children up in a line. Have the front person to decide a "way to go" and the remainder of the class will follow the action. Some ideas of ways to go are:
*Like an Elephant
*Like a Crab
"The Shape of Me and Other Stuff" Silhouette
Submitted by Lillie
Show your children the shape of them by creating a silhouette of your children by turning out the lights and having each child sit in front of a projector. Trace their face on a piece of black paper with a white crayon. Then have all of your children to guess whose silhouette is whose!!!
"The Foot Book" Footwear Fashion shoe
Submitted by Florence
Have your children wear their favorite pair of shoes when you read "The Foot Book" put on a fashion show with your children.
Dr. Seuss Creature
Submitted by an Unknown User
Give each of your children play dough and have them make their own imaginative Dr. Seuss Creature.
"The Foot Book" Who's Shoes
Submitted by India
After reading "The Foot Book" put all your children's shoes in a pile. Blindfold one child and have them feel around. Once they have picked a pair they have to guess whose shoes they are!
Go Fish Game

Submitted By Jo-Anne
I am in the process of makeing a go fish game based on Dr Seuss, I have made playing cards with the fish character from the cat in the hat as well as thing one and thing two and of course the cat himself, there are two of each color so that it can be used as a matching game or as a game of go fish depending on the age group of children. They will be laminated to help protect them.
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